Chelsea Parkhurst, CMT


I have been going to a masseuse for years and I've seeing probably 15 different practitioners. Chelsea is without a doubt the BEST I have ever seen. She provides perfect pressure, incorporates interesting methods (cranial-sacral) and creates the perfect soothing environment. She is sweet and comfortable around, but she really respects my need for quiet and doesn't talk a bunch during the massage. More than anything, she instantly pinpoints places on the body that need the most work- and has cured my neck pain on many occasions. I refuse to see anyone else ever again; she's amazing!"

 -Robin E.
I have been receiving therapeutic massage since 2009. It will improve your life no matter what medical problems exist. Cost wise it has been adding up. Amazon has been offering lots of deals lately. After several mediocre therapists I found Chelsea Parkhurst. After 2 visits with Chelsea I feel better then I have in years. She has a very focused technique. She listens to your concerns and addresses them during the session. I am pretty big at 6'2" 300 pounds and she has the necessary strength I will go out of the way to find in a therapist. She shares a very clean well maintained building with a chiropractor that has quite a booming practice.
She is easy to find, very reasonable as far as rates and pleasant and easy to talk to. I am going back next week for 90 minutes of stress reducing, life extending therapy that is easily worth twice the cost she asks. I am hooked, I could not have found a better CMT. And I have experienced dozens. Thank you Chelsea.
-Bill P.
Chelsea will make you very comfortable when you first arrive. She gave me a great massage and got rid of a kink in my hip that I thought would take 3 times to remove in just one session. She is very intuitive in her healing practice. Highly recommended!
-Lois F.
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